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stress relievers, dog bandannas, 
EDDM mail, magnets, silicone dog bowl, plush toys, sticky notes

Your promotions should be fun.  They should stand out and GET NOTICED,  beyond that they should be used.  No one wins if your promotional piece winds up in the recycle bin - and the losers are our planet and your budget.  If you're looking for a tactile marketing product supplier that's obsessed with research: sensory (touch, taste, smell, sound, sight), consumer buying behavior, demographics and more, you've found that supplier.  Call, email or text: we'd love to talk about your campaign ideas and goals.

revenue generating platforms

Purple Paw Project

Do good!  Let's work together to sell your merchandise.  Leverage social media and sell your branded merchandise using our stores platform.

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AR, Augmented Reality

Leap into the digital landscape with augmented reality!  Direct mail projects come to life.  We can create options for all budget levels using stock AR graphics to completely custom projects.



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